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Monday, April 23, 2007

Toyota Long Beach Grand Prix 2007

USA National Team Members: Brendan Hansen, Klete Keller, Aaron Peirsol, Kaitlin Sandeno and Ryan Lochte

The Long Beach Grand Prix started the year off with a bang for National Team members. Many members of the team attened this first, hopefully annual, event. This meet is traditionally the Senior Q meet, with a lot of young swimmers who were thrilled to have these amazing athletes share the deck with them. It was a great opportunity for the team to bond a bit before World Championships. As the weekend went on you could see the National team start leaving their club groups and start hanging out as a team. The high point winners for the meet were Kaitlin Sandeno and Michael Phelps. Both of these swimmers swam crazy full programs and did not let the fans down with their times or the way they mingled with the local swimmers. It was fun seeing Michael take on "the specialsist" Aaron Peirsol, Brendan Hansen and Ian Crocker. Everywhere you looked you could see the smiles from the younger swimmers. I am sure that some of the kids planted some dream seeds having these amazing athletes share the same water with them.

The really strange thing is it was so cold that weekend. I can't remember when Long Beach was this cold. I heard the men's showers had no hot water and that it was tough to get motivated to swim when there was no way to get warm. (Although you could not tell it from the performances.) Well I can't guarantee it, but I can say that I doubt it will be this cold if this event is held at this time again next year. This is Sunny California! I loved having athletes of this caliber at the pool just a few blocks from my home. Please come back next year! We will get the sun to shine for ya. ;)


  • At 4/24/2007 7:48 PM, shannon said…

    No hot water? That's outrageous! I'll never forget how cold it was at that meet and to be just off the ocean? *shiver* Poor guys.

    That was an amazing meet and I had a great time. I remember buying tickets because I wanted to see Lenny Krayzelburg race, then being disappointed because he had to drop out. Then I heard about all the others being there and got really excited again. Loved the atmosphere, loved the pool, loved the swimmers.....I just didn't love the weather :)

  • At 4/26/2007 12:54 AM, lala said…

    totally forgot that Lenny was supposed to be there. You didn't even mention being disappointed at all. That was one of the coldest weekends I can remember since I moved to Long Beach. There was one morning where there was ice on my car. I know to some people that is nothing but this is a beach city in Southern California. It is not supposed ot be like that!
    I forgot to ask about the ladies' showers. I'll try to remember to call the pool to see if they got the hot water back in the men's. Then, next time this meet rolls around we can promise warm showers.


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