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Deck Change: Wrapping a towel around oneself to change (typically into or out of a bathing suit) in a public setting.
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Monday, March 06, 2006

FINA World Cup - New York 2006

Photo: Filippo Magnini, Michael Phelps and Massimiliano Rosolino - Men's 200m Freestyle

Another great swim meet. On the first night it was obvious that it was gunna be a good one. The thing that surprised me was that alot of the swimmers didn't seem to be shaved for this meet. I guess they were holding off for the American Short Course Championships in Texas. The world was very well represented there. A great number of Itallians, Germans, Dutch, Canadians, Brazillians, Russian. It was crazy watching a few of the swimmers in several events in one day.

The event was televised in the US. As much as I am happy that it was shown, I was not happy with the coverage. I guess this is my blog so I can say what bothers me here. I love what Michael Phelps profile has done for swimming here in the USA. What I dont like is the fact that USA Swimming and Speedo only show Athletes that I know are sponsored by Speedo. (With the exception of Kate Ziegler who up to this moment is unsigned.) I guess that Speedo pays for broadcast too, but so do Mutual of Omaha, and Toyota, and Omega, and ConocoPhillips. There was only one race that was shown that was won by a non American. They shot the swimming both days and yet only aired one hour. Twice. Maybe that is my problem with it. I felt they could have used the popularity of Phelps as a teaser to show the public other athletes as well. I feel that the fact that the OLN was willing to give swimming two full hours over two days time was wonderful. And I feel the least that USA Swimming could do is use this time to educate and and titilate the population but showing us that we are in a time where swimming is filled with great potential in every distance and every stroke. The athletes are breaking records that have either sat on the books for years, or they are smashing their own crazy time standards. Thank you for showing Tara Kirk and Randall Bal and Peter Marshall. It was great to see Kate Ziegler as she is an amazing athlete and she seems to be an incredible young woman, I love that she is being recognized. But there were other greats there too. Brendan Hansen, Oleg Lisogor, Neil Walker, Massimiliano Rosolino, Therese Alshammar, Andiry Serdinov,Marlene Veldhuis, Filippo Magnini, Rachel Komisarz, Arkady Vyatchinin, Margaret Hoelzer, Brent Hayden, Kaitlin Sandeno. Champions all. Even I have left many incredible athletes out of the gallery and my list above that were there. I just think this is one of the most exciting times in the history of the sport. The rest of the world is watching and we want to watch too.