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Deck Change: Wrapping a towel around oneself to change (typically into or out of a bathing suit) in a public setting.
This is the place where you can talk about the pics, the sport, the weather, and the lack of pictures of deck changes on this site.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Duel In the Pool

Photo: Teams USA and AUS
How much fun I had at the Duel! I finally got all the Duel pics up. I can't tell you how much stellar that meet was. I loved the format. Seeing one race after another all in one afternoon. So many world record holders in one place. Very exciting. I was sad when I looked my pics that I didn't more pics of the Aussies on the deck. They really get into dressing up in funny wigs and Green and Gold. At Worlds I sat with the P.O.O.S., (Parents Of Our Swimmers), who were the parents of the Aussie team. Wonderful, fun, amazing people and we cheered together at Worlds. At the Duel it was a different matter. What a fun sense of competition! At one point Brendan Hansen crossed over to the spectator side of the pool and threw his cap out into the stands. He really is open and giving with the fans. A swim coach right in front of me caught it and offered to let one of his little swim girls wear it if she met some difficult goals. I felt that with that as focal point there was no way she would miss her marks. Speaking of Brendan Hansen, when the Athletes came out for the introduction they all had a small stuffed animal that they tossed out into the crowd. I caught the little Eagle that Brendan threw out. It seemed like it flew from his hands, but I wasnt sure until later when I realized it had been signed by him. Sweet! When I told him it was I who caught it, he was as surprised as I was. Haha! Later in the meet Kaitlin Sandeno and some of the other girls stood one to each of three sections, (sorry I am not sure who the others were as they were far away from me), and each girl held up a sign bearing a different letter coaxing the crowd to chant "U. S. A." It was fun. As we were chanting, Michael Klim could be seen clapping along to the "USA" chant and I couldn't help but imagine how great it would be if the Aussie girls would rearrange the letters and get the crowd to chant "A. U. S." !! It was such a friendly rivalry. Aaron Peirsol and Michael Klim exchanged their hockey style jerseys and could be seen wearing each others colors with pride. Carly Piper was wearing an Aussie jersey too but I never got to read the back, so I don't know who she traded with. I did notice that Larsen Jensen's back was adorned with the word "Hoff" instead of "Jensen" from the very beginning of the meet. I really loved that. I wanted to take off my shirt and trade it for one of those jerseys too, although I would have been hard pressed to find someone who wanted to trade. Heh. It was so much fun to see how close the AUS v USA women were matched. I really was surprised to see how lopsided the men's competition was. I understand that there will be some serious work in Australia before the next duel. As usual, for me, the points didn't matter. It was a truly special day and I loved it. All the athletes seemed to be really enjoying themselves during the races and on the deck. I was happy the event was televised so I could really watch it. I did get to watch the meet quite a bit, but it is hard to pay attention while taking pictures. If USA Swimming or NBC were to sell the video, I would hope they would show all the races and all the interviews. So ends my Duel recap!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Ecards! Postcards! Whatever you want to call ems!

Today I enabled Ecards in the gallery!
To use them just go into the gallery, find the snap you want to send, and click the little envelope you see in the Navigation bar. It's so easy to share the love. And it is FREE!! All you have to do is register! I feel October should be "70's Porn Mustache Month!" Oddly enough you can use the Search feature in the gallery to find pics of such a thing. Just hit the Search button then type Porn Mustache into the field and click "Search the file collection" See, it is so easy to send 70's Porn Mustache love! Too bad I don't have the email addy of the owner of said mustache.. I would send him a Thank You Ecard for inspiring the dedication!

Photo: Coach Mike Chasson and Nick Brunelli

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Kaitlin Sandeno Chat With Davis Tarwater

Last night Melony and Kaitlin hosted one of the bi-monthly chats at MissKaitlin. What a blast it was!! Kaitlin as always was adorable and so was Davis. I'm telling you there is nothing like a swimmers chatroom to meet fun people who have similar interests. I always have a blast in chat at BHO that Michelle hosts too. It is nice to talk the crap and sometimes even talk about the sport. We always have a good time in Kaitlin chat but last night there was a nice addition to the regulars with the suprise guest of Mister Tahwahtah himself. There was another supersekret guest there too. Seems that the fabulous Peter Vanderkaay was sitting with Davis at the time. Guys, you gotta start showing the tatts! Don't go all crazy like Frederick Bousquet (although that is really cool looking).. Or Ed Moses. But a nice little "M" like Alex Vanderkaay and Chris DeJong or "Longhorns" like Brendan Hansen here or there .. or rings (In 2008 Davis!) like Kaitlin S and Kalyn Keller, or Larsen Jensen. All good.
This tattoo talk could go on and on.. (Peter, we know you must have rings somewhere... Show us your Tatts!) I'll stop now, but let me say this. Chat is fun. Y'all should come. Thank you Brendan and Michelle, and Kaitlin and Melony for having swim chats!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Santa Clara International Invitational

Photo: Hayley Peirsol and friends.
I attended the Santa Clara International Invitiational Swim meet from June 24th thru 26th, 2005. I really had a great time there. This meet was like watching the 2004 Olympic Games at some points. The Men's 100m Free heats were the "who's who" in world swimming for 2005. The final was completely sick! I believe that the highest point were scored by Ryan Lochte and Kirsty Coventry. It was the first time I had seen some of these Elite swimmers live. I am lucky to live in California as we have some really great meets here and I am able to watch alot of swimming. At this meet it was amazing how each heat got more and more exciting. Especially during the Men's 50m and 100m free races. It seemed like each heat had so much more energy than the last and I was thrilled to see those races. I think Aaron Peirsol could have surfed the wake of the 50m Free final the wave was so big! The pool was beautiful and the weather was great. A few meet records broken but no World Records that I can remember. You may notice a few guys swimming strokes we dont usually think of them swimming. That was the most fun. Brendan Hansen told me he was going to add the 50m Free and I was like.. wtf? He actually swam a breastroke for that race. I also caught a few shots of Aaron doing an IM and Brendan doing Butterfly. It was cool seeing the Japanese National Team there too. They really are a good supportive team for their teammates, although the Longhorns had a great cheerleader in Hayley McGregory who was as effective as any cheering section all by herself. She seemed really cool. Oh! And Klete Keller has got to be a funny guy because every time I saw him he was cracking someone up... usually me. Anyway, Santa Clara is all edited and up. I have to apologize to Timmay and Alex that I didnt get more pictures of the ladies ;)