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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Santa Clara International Invitational

Photo: Hayley Peirsol and friends.
I attended the Santa Clara International Invitiational Swim meet from June 24th thru 26th, 2005. I really had a great time there. This meet was like watching the 2004 Olympic Games at some points. The Men's 100m Free heats were the "who's who" in world swimming for 2005. The final was completely sick! I believe that the highest point were scored by Ryan Lochte and Kirsty Coventry. It was the first time I had seen some of these Elite swimmers live. I am lucky to live in California as we have some really great meets here and I am able to watch alot of swimming. At this meet it was amazing how each heat got more and more exciting. Especially during the Men's 50m and 100m free races. It seemed like each heat had so much more energy than the last and I was thrilled to see those races. I think Aaron Peirsol could have surfed the wake of the 50m Free final the wave was so big! The pool was beautiful and the weather was great. A few meet records broken but no World Records that I can remember. You may notice a few guys swimming strokes we dont usually think of them swimming. That was the most fun. Brendan Hansen told me he was going to add the 50m Free and I was like.. wtf? He actually swam a breastroke for that race. I also caught a few shots of Aaron doing an IM and Brendan doing Butterfly. It was cool seeing the Japanese National Team there too. They really are a good supportive team for their teammates, although the Longhorns had a great cheerleader in Hayley McGregory who was as effective as any cheering section all by herself. She seemed really cool. Oh! And Klete Keller has got to be a funny guy because every time I saw him he was cracking someone up... usually me. Anyway, Santa Clara is all edited and up. I have to apologize to Timmay and Alex that I didnt get more pictures of the ladies ;)


  • At 10/01/2005 10:00 PM, carolina blue said…

    Lala, your picture gallery is amazing! Not that I'm surprised. I like what you've done with the place.

  • At 10/02/2005 1:06 PM, Timtheswimmer said…

    what about ladies?

  • At 10/02/2005 1:09 PM, lala said…

    More pictures of the ladies. Sorry I will adjust that sentance so it makes sense. You know writin is not my forte. heh.

  • At 10/02/2005 4:44 PM, Sarah said…

    Yay! Santa Clara sounds (and looks!)like it was so much fun!

    Oh! And Klete Keller has got to be a funny guy because every time I saw him he was cracking someone up... usually me.

    YES! Kletus is awesome!

  • At 10/03/2005 12:14 PM, Pam said…

    LaLA your pictures are great.I like that you give us pictures of swimmers who are low on the radar.
    Keep the pics comming of wildman-tobriner, Tarwater, Webber-Gale,Nick Brunelli etc...

    And of couse our regulars hot swimmers.

  • At 10/05/2005 6:51 AM, Timmay said…

    haha, lala. I should have figured that you were talking "lalaese" or however you spell that. You take good pictures...lol.

  • At 10/05/2005 3:20 PM, Timmay said…

    wow lala. I just realized how many pictures you take!! I especially like the ones where you don't know any of the people in them. :) You have a lot of bren talking on his cell phone. lol...good pictures!


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