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Deck Change: Wrapping a towel around oneself to change (typically into or out of a bathing suit) in a public setting.
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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Kaitlin Sandeno Chat With Davis Tarwater

Last night Melony and Kaitlin hosted one of the bi-monthly chats at MissKaitlin. What a blast it was!! Kaitlin as always was adorable and so was Davis. I'm telling you there is nothing like a swimmers chatroom to meet fun people who have similar interests. I always have a blast in chat at BHO that Michelle hosts too. It is nice to talk the crap and sometimes even talk about the sport. We always have a good time in Kaitlin chat but last night there was a nice addition to the regulars with the suprise guest of Mister Tahwahtah himself. There was another supersekret guest there too. Seems that the fabulous Peter Vanderkaay was sitting with Davis at the time. Guys, you gotta start showing the tatts! Don't go all crazy like Frederick Bousquet (although that is really cool looking).. Or Ed Moses. But a nice little "M" like Alex Vanderkaay and Chris DeJong or "Longhorns" like Brendan Hansen here or there .. or rings (In 2008 Davis!) like Kaitlin S and Kalyn Keller, or Larsen Jensen. All good.
This tattoo talk could go on and on.. (Peter, we know you must have rings somewhere... Show us your Tatts!) I'll stop now, but let me say this. Chat is fun. Y'all should come. Thank you Brendan and Michelle, and Kaitlin and Melony for having swim chats!


  • At 10/07/2005 6:12 AM, Pam said…

    I planned on being at the chat but I fell to sleep. I'm sorry I missed it. I read the transcript. You guys seem like you had a blast

  • At 10/07/2005 7:52 AM, Sarah said…

    I agree with you completely on both points.

    Chats are always so much fun, and everyone who helps set them up or is involved in them deserves a major shout out, because they are awesome (davis!)

    And the Tattoo's need to be shown. Definitely.

  • At 10/07/2005 9:44 AM, Timmay said…

    Yeah, I was pissed because I was on the computer before that but then my big fat brother got on and i couldnt get on and AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH grrr!

  • At 10/07/2005 3:42 PM, AimsRos said…

    The chats are always a blast. I'm going to have to get myself over to MissKaitlin one of these days for a chat over there. I keep forgetting! I'm so bad about them.

    Also, I love the pic of Brendan's tattOOPS! Hee!

  • At 10/09/2005 10:40 AM, lala said…

    I know Timmay, I tried to AIM you in case you had forgotten and you were gone. Sorry. I did my best. I couldn't imagine you missing that just because you forgot.

  • At 10/11/2005 7:55 AM, alxcar6 said…

    im always at the chats and i had to miss that one ! im wicked pissed


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